Gardener Adventurer Award

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This item is only available to Club Directors

1.    Describe what a gardener does.
2.    Name three different types of gardens, and describe the items that grow in each.
3.    Name two gardens mentioned in the Bible.
4.    List at least three tools you need for gardening.
5.    Demonstrate how to use these tools properly and how to take care of gardening tools after use.
6.    Do one of the following:
a.    Take care of a small plot of land, including planting, transplanting and cultivating flowers or vegetables.
b.    Using window boxes, flower pots, milk cartons or cans, plant and care for three different plants.
c.    Make a terrarium and care for it.
7.    Share a plant, garden produce or flower from your garden with your family or with a friend or neighbor.
Draw and color a picture of a flower to give to someone.

1.    A gardener cultivates the soil, plants seeds and plants, and feeds, waters, weeds, transplants, and cares for the garden.
2.    Vegetable garden: foods such as peas, carrots, beans, etc. (it may also contain fruits such as berries and tomatoes).
Flower Garden: bulb and seed flowers such as tulips or pansies.
Herb Garden: plants for cooking such as parsley, thyme or mint.
3.    Genesis 2:8: Eden; John 18:1 and Matthew 26:36: Gethsemane
4.    Garden tools, such as shovel, rake, hoe, trowel, hose, wheelbarrow, and watering can.
5.    Careful usage to prevent injury, such as never leaving tools face up where a person may step on or fall over them. Clean and store tools in a dry place.
6.    Teach children to enjoy the feel of soil, the excitement of watching living things grow, and the responsibility to care for a garden by weeding and watering. Regarding “c,” help the children select an attractive variety of plants for the terrarium.
7.    Share garden produce, plants or flowers with someone.