Gadgets & Sand Eager Beaver


1. Using plastic measuring cups and spoons, measure, pour, and scoop up different

amounts of sand and put them into a bucket or separate container. Discuss the different measurements.

2. Make a sand art picture, using glue to keep sand in place.

3. Using funnels and scoops, fill bottles (plastic milk jugs, syrup bottles, etc.) with sand. Use two different size funnels.

4. Put dried beans in a bucket with sand. Mix them in. Using a strainer, separate

beans from sand and put in a different container.

5. Draw a picture of beans in sand bucket, or make a picture out of beans.



Use rice as an alternative for sand.  Let kids measure, pour, and scoop as long as they like. This develops eye and hand coordination and manual dexterity, and children love playing in the sand.