Friend of Animals Adventurer Award

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This item is only available to Club Directors

1.    Take care of a pet for four weeks.
a.    Feed it and be certain it has fresh water
b.    Brush your pet, give it a bath or clean its resting place
Put out scraps or seeds for birds or animals in your neighborhood or school.
a.    Identify creatures that eat these scraps
b.    Draw and color pictures of them
2.    List creatures that live in your neighborhood.
3.    Match 10 animals with their houses.
4.    Make an animal mask.
5.    Play an animal game.
6.    Make a stuffed animal. Describe how this animal would be cared for if it were real.
Visit one of the following:
a.    zoo        d.    farmyard
b.    kennel    e.    aviary
c.    museum    f.    pet shop
7.    On what day of creation did God create the animal you cared for.

1.    Help each child to learn responsibility and care of a pet. (You may purchase a group pet and take turns caring for it.) Talk about what is good for their pet and what foods, toys, etc. are not.
2.    Teach the children to be observant of nature and where to obtain helps in identifying animals, such as a library or museum.
3.    Play games matching animals and their homes. Use felt “Animals and Homes” set, pictures, etc. Explain an interesting fact about each animal, such as when a crab grows, it needs to find a new and larger home; the turtle’s home grows with the turtle; etc.
4.    Let the children choose an animal they enjoy learning about. Using a paper plate, draw and color this animal, cutting eyes so they can see out. You may want to tell a story about animals so the children may take part as the animal they made. AND/OR play the animal sounds game: Someone makes the sound and the animal answers and tells what it is, or everyone guesses.
5.    Choose from different animal games, such as Animal Lotto, Animal Dominoes, and Birds and Animals game available at the Adventist Book Center.
6.    Use coloring books for simple animal shapes. Enlarge the pattern and cut two identical animal shapes from newspaper. Paint the animals and staple them together, then stuff with more paper.
Include family members. Talk about what you saw and learned.
7.    See Genesis 1:20-2:1.