Fitness Fun Adventurer Award

This item is only available to Club Directors

1.    List at least four things that contribute to physical fitness.
2.    Do three different stretches. Hold a minimum of 15 seconds.
a.    Leg
b.    Back
c.    Arms/shoulders
3.    Do three of the following:
a.    Run, jog or walk one-half mile
b.    Make a high jump. Record the highest of four jumps
c.    Jump rope for three minutes
d.    Climb a pole, rope or tree
4.    Participate in two of the following:
a.    Obstacle course
b.    Leap frog
c.    Relay race
5.    Demonstrate your ability to do four of the following:
a.    Forward roll
b.    Ten sit ups
c.    Cartwheel
d.    Handstand or headstand
e.    Hang from a bar with hands and knees
f.    Back bridge
6.    Participate in an organized game that requires physical exercise.
7.    Participate in a recognized fitness test:
a.    President’s Challenge
b.    An equivalent program

1.    “Fitness” means: proper nutrition, rest, water, exercise, strength, cardiovascular fitness, flexibility, endurance.
2.    When stretching, use static stretches (hold stretch for 15 seconds without bouncing). Do stretches both before exercise, to avoid injury and after, when muscles are warmed up, to help cool down to avoid strains.
3.    a.  Jog or run as a group with adult supervision several times.
b.  Jump onto a mat or other soft material such as sand or sawdust. Be certain the “bar” the children jump over is set lightly on pegs and is not a solid piece that could cause injury.
c.  Play several jump rope games, allowing for practice, as many may have never jumped rope before.
d.  Learn to climb safely, always with adult supervision.
4.    Set up an obstacle course on which Adventurers can run around, under, over and through objects such as tires, cardboard boxes, pylons, ropes and poles.
Teach the Adventurers to play Leap Frog. Encourage fair play. Each child crouches in the “frog” (fetal) position. The last child stands and, lightly touching the back of the person in front, “leaps” over that “frog” and each of the others until there are no more, then assumes the “frog” position. The next in line does the same, calling “rrri-bbit” as (s)he jumps.
5-6. These activities should be done under adult supervision.
7.    Use The President’s Challenge or the Canadian Fitness Test. Set goals and practice to improve. (See Appendix)