First Aid Helper Adventurer Award

This item is only available to Club Directors

1.    Demonstrate how to treat an abrasion or a cut, and describe the dangers of a dirty dressing.
2.    Describe how to care for a nosebleed.
3.    Identify and make a display of different types of bandages.
4.    Make a simple first-aid kit and learn uses of included items.
5.    Sterilize one of the following and tell why each is an important item to have in your first-aid kit.
a.    tweezers
b.    thermometer
c.    needle
6.    Visit an emergency-care facility to learn about some of the emergencies they care for.
7.    Play “hospital” and practice your skills on the above emergencies.
8.    Describe and draw the First Aid symbol.
9.    Name a time when Jesus gave first aid to someone who was bleeding badly.

1.    A dirty dressing can cause infection. Clean a cut or abrasion with running water and cover with a clean bandage.
2.    Sit down, lean forward and apply pressure on the side that is bleeding. Apply a cold compress to nose and face.
3.    Triangular bandage, adhesive-strip dressing, figure of eight, fingertip, spiral, and circular bandages are good ones to teach children how to make. Practice applying these bandages.
4.    Even a simple kit needs the following items: Adhesive compress bandage compress, 2" by 2" plain gauze pads, gauze roller bandage, triangular bandages, needle, scissors, tweezers, thermometer, disinfectant, calamine lotion, insect repellant and an ace bandage.
5.    Wash with soap and water, then sterilize with alcohol. Needle could be used to remove a sliver, tweezers for stickers or glass. Teach children to read a thermometer and explain when one is used and why.
6.    Plan to visit a hospital or fire station or have a community worker come to talk with your group about the different emergencies (s)he handles as part of his/her job.
7.    Bring clean sheets and bandages and let the children “treat” the different problems with simple care.
8.    The award design is the recognized first-aid symbol.
9.    See Matthew 26:51.