Fire Safety Pathfinder Honour

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  1. Have the Red Alert Honor.
  2. Tour a fire station or listen to a firefighter give a talk to your club or school.
  3. Organize and conduct a fire drill at a school, church, or other public building. Develop an exit map for one of the buildings. What information should be put on the exit map?
  4. Smoke and carbon monoxide (CO) detectors:
    1. What is a smoke detector and how does it work?
    2. Where should smoke detectors be placed in the home?
    3. What is a carbon monoxide detector and how does it work?
    4. Where should carbon monoxide detectors be placed in the home?
  5. Fire Extinguishers - Complete all of the following:
    1. Know and understand the different classes of fires and the types of extinguishers needed to put them out.
    2. With a qualified instructor, know how to use a fire extinguisher to put out a small fire.
    3. Know when to quit attempting to put out a fire and evacuate. Discuss the reasons why keeping a clear exit is important.
    4. Properly inspect a minimum of five (5) fire extinguishers in your school, church or other public building. Report your findings to your instructor or group.
  6. Know what to look for during a fire safety inspection. Perform a fire safety inspection of your house and present your findings to your parents. Then perform a fire safety inspection of one of the following and present your findings to the leaders of the institution. Be prepared to give suggestions and answer questions that arise.
    1. Your church
    2. Your school
    3. Other public building
  7. What guidelines and precautions must you take before starting a camp or trash fire?
  8. Serve your community in regards to fire safety by doing one of the following:
    1. Provide smoke detector battery replacements for your neighborhood or community.
    2. Assist an elderly neighbor in making their residence fire safe.
    3. Participate in a fire safety awareness campaign in your neighborhood or community.
  9. Discuss how the following Bible verses apply to fire safety, both temporally and spiritually.
    1. Isaiah 43:2
    2. James 3:5, 6