Fire Safety Eager Beaver


1. What should you do if your clothes catch on fire?

2. What should you do if there is smoke in your house and it’s hard to breathe?

3. Memorize your phone number and street address.

4. What phone number do you call if there is a fire? What do you tell the person who answers the phone?

5. Visit a fire department.



1. Cut a flame shape out of red or orange felt. Tell the children that in order to put out the fire, they have to STOP, DROP, and ROLL. Make a game of it.

2. If there is smoke and it’s hard to breathe, crawl on the floor. The smoke goes up. You can also cover your face with your shirt to make a mask.

3. Make a game out of this: Pair each child with a parent and give the pair a balloon, yarn ball or bean bag.  The parent says part of the address or phone number, then tosses it to the child, who repeats it. Increase

the length of the portions until the child can repeat the information in its entirety. Or have the parent say the first part of the phone number and the child complete it, etc.

4. Use a toy phone to practice calling 9-1-1 or your area’s emergency phone number. (Not all places have 9-1-1 service.) Role-play an emergency phone call:

First, the child dials the emergency phone number. (An adult “answers.”) The child says, “There is a fire at ________ (street address).” Instruct the child to stay on the phone and try to answer any other questions–do not hang up until asked to do so. (Is the fire inside or outside? How big is the fire? What is burning? Are your parents home? etc.) Emphasize that they should not ever call the emergency number unless there is really a fire–it is not a game.

5. Make arrangements with the fire house in advance.  Hav