Feathered Friends Adventurer Award

This item is only available to Club Directors

1. Tell how God cares for birds.
2. Make a simple bird feeder or pinecone feeder.
3. Be able to recognize 10 different birds.
4. Play a bird game.
5. Draw and/or color pictures of the following:
a. two water birds
b. two seed eaters
c. one predator
6. Be able to make five bird sounds.
7. Make a Christmas tree or an Easter basket for birds.
8. Observe some live birds, imitate their movements, and collect feathers whenever possible. Keep in mind that keeping the feathers of migratory birds is illegal in some, if not all, U.S.A. places.

1. Discuss God’s care, citing Matthew 10:28, 31 and Luke 12:24. God created birds to care for themselves (feathers, beak, migration, etc.).
2. Make a simple milk-carton bird feeder by cutting the milk carton so seeds may be placed inside or make a pinecone feeder by rolling a pine cone in peanut butter and bird seed. Hang your feeder so the birds may enjoy their treat.
3. Whenever possible, include birds from your locality. Play recognition games using pictures or flashcards. Invite a local museum or Audubon Society representative to make a presentation.
4. Possible games include: Bird lotto, dominoes, or a birds card game available from your Adventist Book Center.
5. Resources: a teacher supply store, coloring books, magazines, books or videos.
6. Check your public library or Audubon Society for tapes. Select birds that have distinct habits and sounds such as owls, doves, crows, chickadees, killdeer, whippoorwills, etc.
7. Tie bird seeds and fruits to a tree as a special treat for the birds. Decorate an Easter basket (berry basket) with materials that the birds could use for building their nests, such as hair, yarn, string, etc. Hang basket where the birds can borrow materials for nesting.
8. Go to the zoo, aviary, park, or neighborhood birding area to observe and collect (see note above) feathers. In class, act out bird movements.