Eschatology Pathfinder Honour

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  • 1. Read Matthew 24:3-14 and research at least 20 signs that indicate Christ's soon return within the last five years.
  • 2. Know by memory where to find in the Bible at least five different verses found in this honor that present promises of Christ's second coming.
  • 3. Present one of the Biblical parables about Christ's second coming by one of the following methods: music, drawing, poetry or dramatization.
  • 4. Make a timeline of at least one page linking together the main last day events that will culminate with Christ's return. Include what will happen in the following 1,000 years.
  • 5. Study Christ's ascension to Heaven in the Bible, after His resurrection. Make a list of similarities and differences between this event and His seconding coming.
  • 6. Explain the relation between the verses "I come as a thief", found in Revelation 16:15, with "and every eye shall see Him", found in Revelation 1:7.
  • 7. Read the following passages from the Bible and the Spirit of Prophecy:
    • a. 2 Timothy 4:8
    • b. Revelation 2:10
    • c. Matthew 24:36
    • d. Last Day Events, pg. 243
    • e. Early Writings, pg. 15 & 16
    • f. The Great Controversy, pg. 639-646
  • 8. From the knowledge gained in this study and the other passages discussed in this honor, answer the following:
    • a. Why is it possible to say that the Christ's second coming is so close?
    • b. How can you make it possible for Christ to return sooner?
    • c. What should the focus be regarding a celestial crown and the amount of stars on it?
    • d. Who knows the day and hour of Christ's return?
    • e. What will be the first signs seen in the heavens, moments before Christ's return?