Electricity Pathfinder Honour

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(Instructor Required)

1. Explain and illustrate an experiment by which the laws of electrical attraction and repulsion are shown.

2. Explain the difference between direct and alternating current, and demonstrate the uses to which each is adapted. Give a method of determining which kind flows in a given circuit.

3. Connect a buzzer, bell, or light with a battery using a switch in line.

4. Make and run a simple electric motor from a kit or take apart a motor and identify the parts, and explain how it works.

5. Make a simple battery cell.

6. Demonstrate ability to replace fuses or reset breakers and demonstrate a National Electric Code (NEC) approved splice using insulated wires.

7. Show how you would rescue a person in contact with a live electric wire, and have a knowledge of the method of reviving a person insensible from shock.

8. Make a simple diagram of a lighting system of an automobile.

9. Make a diagram that properly shows the lights, switches, and convenience outlets controlled by each breaker in a house.

10. Read an electric meter correctly, and compute a residence bill at the rate charged in your community.