Dutch Oven Cooking

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1.      Earn the AY Cooking honor.
2.      Give a brief history of Dutch ovens and their role in American history.
3.      Know the difference between a bread oven, a stew/meat oven, pot/stove top oven and a camp oven.
4.      In what way are ovens sized?
5.      Know and demonstrate fire and Dutch oven handling safety and the proper use of equipment.
6.      What types of fuels are used to cook with an oven?
7.      What are the advantages of charcoal over wood as fuel?
8.      How do you control temperature?
9.      What do ashes do to the efficiency of the coals?
10. If using wood, what types are best for cooking?
11. Demonstrate how to properly season a new Dutch oven.
12. Demonstrate how to properly clean a Dutch oven after each use.
13. Demonstrate how to properly transport Dutch ovens.
14. Demonstrate how to properly store a Dutch oven for a short term and long term.
15. Cook one of each category using Dutch ovens:
a.       Soup/Stew
b.      Casserole
c.       Vegetable
d.      Bread
e.       Dessert
16. Cook with the lid only as a griddle.
17. Name the six different ways to cook in a Dutch oven.
18. What is meant by stack cooking?