Dogs Adventurer Award

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1. Read and discuss the meanings of Matthew 15:26 and Luke 16:21.

2. What does “A dog is man’s best friend” mean?

3. Listen to a story of how a dog helped someone.

4. Discuss how to care for a dog?

5. How can dogs help people?

6. What kind of sounds do dogs make to communicate and what does each sound mean? Take turns making these dog sounds.

7. Make a dog themed craft.

8. Play a dog themed game such as “Doggie, Doggie, Where’s you Bone”. You could also make up a memory game to play, such as “Pin the Doggie Tail”.


1. Discuss the meanings of the verses in simple terms.

2. Guide the discussion and listen to the kids’ ideas.

3. Choose an age-appropriate story to tell or read.  Your Story Hour has some great dog stories!

4. Discuss the need for shelter, food, water, exercise, bathing and good health, etc.

5. They can be helpful for use as guard dogs, companions, medical alerting and seeing eye dogs.

6. Discuss sounds such as barking, whining and growling.

7. Google on the internet dog themed craft projects.

8. Google kids’ games on the internet

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