Cyclist Adventurer Award

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This item is only available to Club Directors

1.    Earn the Road Safety Award.
2.    Demonstrate:
a.    How to keep the bike clean
b.    How to safely ride the bike
c.    Turn signals while riding
d.    How to take care of the bike
3.    Participate in a bike activity
4.    Do a five-mile bike ride.
5.    Make a map of where you went.
6.    With your family, use your map to retrace your route.

2.      a.    Clean and polish the bikes. 
Then decorate them and have 
an inspection.
b.    Set up a barrel race to practice.
c.    During the above race, use hand singles.
d.    Have small groups act out good and bad ways of caring for a bike. Have them wear plastic garbage bags and oil the chain.
3.    Hold a Bicycle Derby Day:
•    Bike inspection by the police or fireman
•    Have a “pit” area for preparing bikes for inspection.
•    Plan a parade for decorated bikes. Give a prize.
•    Play games using the bike: Fast race, slow race, relay race, paper boy throw, obstacle race, etc.
4.    Plan a five mile bike hike. Decorate your bike, then go to a park with paved trails. After the ride have a picnic or go swimming. Have a special reward for those who successfully complete the hike.
5.    Map-making is fun. Keep it simple. Use pencils and rulers.