Crustaceans Pathfinder Honour

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1. Name at least four characteristics of a crustacean.

2. What is an exoskeleton?

3. What phylum does this group belong to?

4. How are the body of these animals divided?

5. In which Bible passages can information be found about consuming crustaceans?

6. How are a siri and a crab different? Where can these animals be found?

7. Name a land crab.

8. How can you tell the difference between a male and female siri? Why is it important? 

9. What is the importance of small crustaceans for the environment?

10. Complete one of the following activities and present an illustrated report: a. Dissect a shrimp and identify its main parts. b. In a class, observe various kinds of crustaceans. Sketch at least two of them.

11. Be able to identify in person or by pictures the following animals: a. Barnacle b. Hermit crab c. Woodlouse d. Lobster e. Shrimp f. Crab