Crime Prevention Pathfinder Honour

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This item is only available to Club Directors



1. Demonstrate ability to shout the following effectively:

a. “I don’t know you.”

b. “Help! Police!”

2. Join or start a Neighborhood Watch program in your community.

3. Participate in the Operation Identification with your Sheriff or Police Department (if available). Mark your property with the proper driver’s license number or as instructed. Place Operation Identification stickers on your front and back doors, if permissible.

4. List three ways you can make your home seem like people are there.

5. Recite from memory:

a. Your home telephone number.

b. The local all-purpose emergency number (911) or police department number.

c. Parent’s cell phone or work phone number.

6. Name three types of door locks and explain how they latch.

7. Name two types of windows and how they can be made secure.

8. Complete a project of your choice that improves the security around your home by landscaping, installing, or improving a lock or window.

9. Who should you notify if your family is going away over a week?

10. Recite from memory: “My duty is to remain calm, to remember to pray, to telephone and call for help, to stay by the phone until help arrives, not to attempt to stop a crime alone, and to always be brave.”