Coral Reefs Pathfinder Honour

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1. What is a reef? Identify two types of "building blocks" of reefs

2. Answer the following: a. Is coral a plant or animal? b. In what phylum is coral categorized? c. What part of a coral reef is living? d. Distinguish between soft and hard corals.

3. Where are coral reefs found? Describe the conditions that are needed for healthy coral growth.

4. Describe and/or draw a diagram showing at least three different types of coral reefs.

5. Define zooxanthellae.

6. Answer the following questions about how corals get their food: a. Which type of feeding primarily occurs at night and why does this result in clear water? b. Which type of feeding occurs primarily during daylight hours c. Why are coral reefs found in clear water?

7. Identify five corals that can be found on a reef.

8. Identify ten fish that live in a coral reef.

9. Identify five species of non-coral invertebrates that might live on a reef.

10. Define "bleaching" as it pertains to corals, and explore the impact this has on the reef.

11. Identify at least one invasive species and how it affects reefs.

12. Why are reefs an important community? List at least three ways that you can help protect a reef.

13. Prepare an object lesson about an animal that lives in the reef. Present this lesson at a club worship or similar function. Be sure to include a Bible text in this presentation.

14. Do at least two of the following: a. Visit an aquarium which exhibits reef species. b. Make a collection of at least five species of dead coral you find washed up on a beach or fossil corals. Make sure you obey local laws about collecting. c. Watch a presentation about reefs. Summarize what you learned about coral reefs. d. Draw or paint a picture of a reef community with at least ten species. e. As a group, make a short video about a reef conservation project. Explain why this specific habitat should be saved. f. Create a 3D diorama of a coral community. g. A similar project approved by your instructor.