Rustic Construction Pathfinder Honour

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This item is only available to Club Directors


1. Be at least 12 years old.

2. Have the Knot Tying Honor

3. Know how to use the following tools: a. Knife b. Handsaw c. Machete d. Hacksaw

4. Demonstrate your knowledge of safety rules in using tools.

5. What is the importance of keeping tools sharp for the job? What are main ways to care and maintain tools? Sharpen the tools mentioned in requirement 3.

6. Demonstrate your ability to tie objects using the following lashes: a. Square lashing b. Diagonal lashing c. Round lashing d. Continuous round lashing e. Continuous diagonal lashing

7. Make the following camping furniture: a. A tripod no less than 2 meters to hang a lamp. b. A table that uses a tripod. c. A table that uses two tripods. d. A table with four bases and at least eight lashings. e. A shoerack with two bases. f. A structure for an outside bonfire. g. A dish washer, sink and septic tank.