ADRA Annual Appeal Collector - Adventurer - BUC Clubs only

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This item is only available to Club Directors
Please Note:  This award is only available to members of the British Union Conference.  If you are based outside this Union, please do not order these badges - we will unfortunately not be able to supply them to you. 


  1. Listen to a story about how ADRA helps people in need.
  2. Name a Bible character who has helped someone in need.
  3. Name three ways you can help people in need.
  4. Make a drawing that shows how ADRA helps people.
  5. Participate in a play about people in need (see suggestion below).
  6. Ask your family or relatives to donate to help ADRA using the coin card.

Resource suggestions:

Instructions: the coin cards cannot be used to collect from door-to-door. Only ask friends, family and relatives to help you complete your task. At the end of the Appeal period, give the coin card back to your local ADRA Agent.

The play is narrated by a child or an adult and each of the characters can be played by a child.

Good Samantha

Once upon a time there was a young boy named Bert, who lived in St Albans (or insert the name of a nearby town).  One day he was on his way to see his grandmother, who lived in Watford (inset the name of the child’s hometown).  Bert thought that he would take a short-cut through the woods so he could get to his grandmother’s house faster.  She made lovely cakes and she had promised to bake a special one for him.

While he was walking along enjoying the sunshine and timing his steps between the trees on his brand-new watch, out of nowhere three boys approached him.  One pushed him over, the other took the watch and all three of them laughed at him as they ran away

Bert began to cry.  His leg really hurt, and he was sure that it was sprained.  He looked around but there was no one nearby.  He called out for help, but his voice only echoed through the trees.  This made him cry even more.

While Bert was crying, his friend John walked by.  He saw Bert crying and he seem very embarrassed, so he just walked away.  A few minutes later his friend Jack walked by and he saw Bert crying.  Jack thought that people might think that he was responsible for hurting Bert, so he put his head down, and started to play his favourite game on his tablet and walked quickly away.

By this time, it was getting very dark and Bert became quite scared.  He didn’t want to be in the woods alone.  He was sorry that he had taken the shortcut.  He was hungry, his leg was painful, and he was starting to get cold.

In the distance he heard a bell ringing and soon he saw a bicycle coming along the woodland path.  Riding the bike was Samantha, a new girl in his class who he had never spoken to.  He was very disappointed.  If his friends had left him to suffer, what would Samantha do?

But he didn’t need have worried, Samantha came over and spoke to him.

‘You’re Bert, aren’t you?’ she said.

‘Yes,’ he replied.

‘What’s wrong?’

Bert told her the story and she listened and was very sympathetic.

“Don’t worry, Bert.  I’m going to help you.  If you can get up on my bicycle, then I can push you until we arrive at your Grandmother’s house.”

After a little while, the two of them were moving slowly along the pathway out of the woods.

Grandmother had been worried about Bert and was so relieved to see him safe.  She asked Samantha to help her bandage the bruised ankle and then she sat them both down on her comfortable sofa with a warm drink and a lovely home-baked cake!