ADRA Annual Appeal Collector - Eager Beaver

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This item is only available to Club Directors

Please Note:  This award is only available to members of the British Union Conference.  If you are based outside this Union, please do not order these badges - we will unfortunately not be able to supply them to you. 


  1. Listen to a story about how ADRA helps people in need.
  2. Name a Bible character who was a helped someone in need.
  3. Name three ways you can help people in need.
  4. Make a drawing that shows how ADRA helps people, (EB, AD)
  5. Ask your family or relatives to donate to help ADRA using the coin card.

Resource suggestions:

Instructions: the coin cards cannot be used to collect from door-to-door. Only ask friends, family and relatives to help you complete your task. At the end of the Appeal period, give the coin card back to your local ADRA Agent.