Communion Service Adventurer Award

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  1. What was the Passover service about?
  2. What is the Communion service about?
  3. Why did Jesus have this special service with his disciples?
  4. Why do we still take communion
  5. today?
  6. What does the washing of the feet mean?
  7. What does the bread symbolize?
  8. What does the grape juice symbolize?
  9. How is the service meaningful to me today and how does it help me be able to serve others?


  1. Jesus had this idea when he was having a special dinner with his disciples. The dinner was to remember something called Passover, which had happened a long time before Jesus was born. It was a miraculous event where an angel of the Lord passed over the land and protected the Israelites from being killed by a mean king. Every year, the people would celebrate the Passover to remember how God had saved them. See Exodus 12.
  2. The holy communion represents the greatest expression of God’s love for His people. Communion took the place of Passover. Desire of Ages, Chapter 72 - In Remembrance of Me. Luke 22:14-23.
  3. This meal was important for another reason. It was the last meal Jesus would have with His disciples. Jesus knew what was about to happen to Him. He was going to go to the cross to die for the sins of the people. But the disciples didn’t know that yet. So, Jesus used this last supper to explain what He was about to do for them.
  4. In remembrance of what Jesus did for us on the cross and looking forward to being with Jesus in heaven. Desire of Ages Chapter 72 (659-660).
  5. It was customary for a servant to wash the feet of guests in the home. Jesus, wanting to be an example of how to serve others, chose to wash his disciples’ feet. The main purpose of foot washing is caring for others and to follow Jesus example in everything we do. As long as we do it with love, this act will bring feelings of community and service to others. It is a reminder for each of us to love and care for each other. Read the meaning of the washing of feet in John 13:1-17, Desire of Ages Chapter 71 - A Servant of Servants.
  6. The breaking of the bread represents Jesus’ body broken for us on the cross. The unleavened bread represents no sin. Read Mathew 26:26.
  7. Drinking the grape juice symbolizes Jesus’ blood shed for us on the cross. Unfermented grape juice represents no sin. Read Mathew 26:27.
  8. Have a class discussion.