Carpenter Adventurer Award

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This item is only available to Club Directors

1.    Explain what a carpenter does.
2.    Recite what the carpenter built in the following Bible texts:
a.    Genesis 6:14-16
b.    Exodus 30:1-3
c.    II Samuel 5:11
3.    Identify the basic tools required for simple woodworking and explain how to take care of them.
4.    Name three things a carpenter builds.
5.    Visit one of the places listed below:
a.    lumber yard
b.    hardware store
c.    woodworking shop
d.    sawmill
6.    Using carpenter tools, make one of the following:
a.    birdhouse or feeder
b.    key holder
c.    napkin holder
7.    Discuss Jesus the Carpenter and things He may have made.

1.    A carpenter is a person who builds or repairs wooden structures and other articles of wood.
2.    Help the children look up each Bible text: a. the ark, b. the temple, c. an altar.
3.    Hammer, hand saw, measuring tape, screwdriver, chisel, boring tools, and planes. Clean and put away tools after each use. You may wish to have a carpenter come to demonstrate the use and care of these tools.
4.    Buildings, furniture, toys, etc.
5.    This may be done as a group, with parents, or you may have a carpenter visit your group and show them types of wood, etc.
6.    Make a birdhouse or feeder, using a simple design. Hang for use after projects have been completed. Or make a key rack or napkin holder. Help the children safely handle nails, wood and tools.
7.    Mark 6:3 speaks of Christ as a carpenter. Discuss items He may have helped his earthly father make, such as: tables, benches, cabinets, stairs, door and window frames, etc.