Caring Friend Adventurer Award

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This item is only available to Club Directors

1. Explain how you can be a Caring Friend. Find, read and memorize I Peter 5:7.
2. Talk to a person and ask the following:
a. the day and month (s)he was born
b. his/her favourite animals
c. two of his/her favorite colours
d. three favourite foods
e. four things that are important to him/her
f. have your new friend tell you about his/her last trip
3. Visit a shut-in and take something to him/her. Use the questions in #2 as a basis for your conversation.
4. Tell one of the persons in #2 or #3 above how Jesus loves you and that He loves him/her also.
5. Show how you can become a caring person to your parents by:
a. helping to keep your room clean
b. helping in the kitchen with preparation or cleanup
c. doing extra chores without being told
6. Tell of something special you have done for a friend.

1. Discuss ways the children can be Caring Friends, such as being kind to an older person, your playmates or siblings; taking a cool glass of water or a bouquet of flowers to someone that is ill; sharing a book or game. Make a list for the children showing ways to be a Caring Friend at home, church, school, the park, etc. Learn and discuss I Peter 5:7.
2. Have the children write down the birthday (month and day) so they can send or take a card or flowers to surprise their new friend on his/her birthday. The questions are designed to encourage the children to visit with their new friend.
3. Encourage the children to take something to a shut-in and to visit him/her using the questions in #2 as a basis for their conversation. Suggestions: A May basket with flowers, a picture you have drawn and colored, or a craft item you have created.
4. Discuss with the children their feelings toward God and how they can express His love to others.
5. Encourage the children to do “sweet surprises” or find ways in which they can be helpers at home, without being asked to do a certain task.
6. As a group, family or individual, plan and do something helpful for someone special. Have fun doing it and see what reactions you receive after doing it.