Camper Adventurer Award

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This item is only available to Club Directors

1. Discuss with your family important rules for camping.
2. Go on a campout with your family and Adventurer group.
3. Help to pitch a tent.
4. Help to set up your stove or to build a campfire.
5. Help to prepare at least one meal while camping.
6. After your trip, help to put camping supplies away.
7. Memorize Psalm 34:7.


1. Camp away from streams and bodies of water. Do not harm the environment: Do not cut or destroy trees, bushes or plants. Never leave a fire without putting it out. Never camp or hike alone. Do not run while carrying a sharp object. Check with the local Forestry Service for guidelines for your area.
2. Camp out at least one night, making this a special time to enjoy nature (trees, flowers, stars, birds, etc.).
3. Clear the ground, lay out a ground cloth, help to properly set up your tent. Learn to take care of all camping items, including tent zippers, tabs, and stakes.
4. Learn safety when handling stoves, fuel, matches, and fire. Learn how to clear the area around a campfire and when and where it is safe to have a campfire.
5. Learn to safely heat water, boil, fry or bake food.
6. When you