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Busy Bee Requirements

First grade program (6 year olds)
updated curricula, 2016


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I. Recite and accept the Adventurer Pledge

II. Complete the Busy Bee Reading award


I.  God’s Plan to Save Me
A.Create a story chart or lapbook showing the order in which these events took place:
•The first sin
•Jesus cares for me today
•Jesus comes again 
OR the Bible stories you are studying in school or Sabbath School.
B.Use your story chart or lapbook to show someone how much Jesus cares for you.
II.  God’s Message to Me
Complete the Bible I award.
III.  God’s Power in My Life
A.Spend regular quiet time with Jesus to talk with Him and learn about Him. 
B.Ask three people why they pray


I.  I Am Special
Participate in an activity or make a craft showing different people who care for you.
II.  I Can Make Wise Choices
Name at least four different feelings. Participate in an activity or make a craft showing different feelings.
III.  I Can Care for My Body


I.  I Have a Family
Show or explain what you like about each family member.
II.  Family Members Care for Each Other
A.  Discover what the fifth commandment (Exodus 20:12) tells you about families.
B.  Act out three ways you can honor your family.
III.  My Family Helps Me Care for Myself


I.The World of Friends
Tell how you can be a good friend.
•Role playing
•Your choice
II.The World of Other People
A.Discuss the work people do for your church.
B.Learn about one job by helping the person do it.
III.The World of Nature

Busy Bee Additional Awards

Other awards available to complete during the Busy Bee year: