Builder Class Strip

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Builder Requirements

Third grade program (8 years old)

updated curricula, 2016




  1. Recite the Adventurer Pledge and Law
  2. Explain the Pledge
  3. Complete the Builder Reading award.


  1. God's Plan To Save Me
    1. Create a story chart or lapbook showing the order in which these stories took place:
      • Paul—The disciples share Jesus’ love
      • Martin Luther--Gods church obeys
      • Ellen White--God's church prepares for His coming
      • Yourself--I get ready to meet Jesus
    2. Use your story chart or lapbook to show someone how to give their life to Jesus.
  2. God's  Message To Me
    1. Find, memorize, and explain three Bible verses about giving your life to Jesus:
      • Acts 16:31
      • John 1:12
      • Galatians 3:26
      • 2 Corinthians 5:17
      • Psalm 51:10
      • Your choice
    2. Name the books of the New Testament
  1. God's Power in My Life
    1. Spend a regular quiet time with Jesus to talk with Him and learn about Him.
    2. Complete the Prayer award.


  1. I Am Special
    Put together a scrapbook, poster, or collage, showing some things you can do to serve God and others.
  2. I Can Make Wise Choices
    1. Complete the Media Critic Award.
    2. Participate in an activity that shows the results of good and bad descisions
  3. I Can Care For My Body
    Complete the Temperance Award.


  1. I Have A Family
    1. Create a family flag or banner or make a collage of stories and/or photographs about your family.
    2. Find a story in the Bible about a family that changed.
  2. Families Care For Each Other
    Play a game by having each family member show appreciation to each of the other members of the family.
  3. My Family Helps Me Care For Myself
    Complete the Wise Steward Award.


  1. The World of Friends
    1. Make friends with a person of another culture or generation, or someone who has a disability.
    2. Invite that person to a family or church event.
  2. The World of Other People
    1. Know and explain your national anthem and flag.
    2. Name your country's capital, and the leader of your country.
  3. The World of Nature
    Complete an Award for nature, not previously earned.