Bubbles Pathfinder Honour

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Instructor Required

1.Define the following terms:

a.Soap bubble
d.Surface tension
e.Minimum energy
f.Minimum surface

2.How do the following weather factors affect the life of a bubble and how?


3.Make a model or drawing of a soap molecule.  Show why the molecule is either hydrophilic or hydrophobic.

4.List safety rules about bubble blowing

5.Surface Tension

a.Explain what causes surface tension.
b.Conduct an experiment to determine if soapy water has higher or lower surface tension.


a.Explain what types of material work best for the loop of large bubble wands? 
b.Construct a wand to make large bubbles.


a.What water quality works best for bubbles?  What impurities negatively affect bubble quality?
b.What soaps are best for bubble solution?
c.What is the purpose of glycerin or corn syrup in a solution?
d.Learn a formula for a bubble solution and mix a batch of bubble solution.
e.Evaluate your bubble solution and make a better recipe if necessary


a.Show what happens when bubbles meet bubbles?  How does this illustrate minimal energy and minimal surface?
b.What causes colors in a bubble?  Demonstrate constructive and destructive interference.
c.What shape are bubbles and why?  Do an experiment to illustrate the answer.