Bread of Life Adventurer Award

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  1. Find, read, and write Matthew 4:4.  Discuss its importance with an adult. Write what you learned.
  2. Discuss with an adult the importance of reading God’s word every day. Write down your conclusions.
  3. Find and read 2 Timothy 2:15, Psalm 119:11, and Psalm 119:105 NIV. Why do we study the Bible?
  4. Talk about how to prepare yourself for reading God’s Word. Write down four Bible study habits.
  5. Read one of the following Bible stories.
    a. Hannah prays for a son-1 Samuel 1:1-28
    b. Noah’s Ark - Genesis 6:5-Genesis 8
    c. Baby Moses - Exodus1-2:10
    d. Namaan the Leper - 2 Kings 5:1-16
  6. Make a bookmark to use while you study your Bible.
  7. Regularly spend time reading your Bible.

Purpose: To reinforce our need to read and study the Bible regularly to maintain our relationship with God.

Curriculum Connection:
My God





1. Read the text slow enough for the children to write it down. Ask them questions to promote discussion.

a. Who do you think said it?

Answer: Jesus said it. He was speaking to Satan.

b. What do you think it means?

Answer: Satan was tempting Jesus, trying to get Him to eat. Jesus replied by letting him know that prayer and meditating on God’s Word is just as essential to living as is food for our physical needs.

Note: Read Matthew 4:1-4 to show the full meaning of the text.

2. It is important for us to read our Bibles everyday in order to ensure our relationship with our Heavenly Father stays strong. Reading His Word and praying helps strengthen our bond and increases our chances to share Him with others.

3. Find additional verses.

4. Four Bible study habits.

a. To set aside time every morning or every evening.

b. Start with a prayer before you begin your study. Ask the Holy Spirit to be with you as you read and help you understand. “Scripture can only be understood thro' the same Spirit whereby it was given."  ~John Wesley.

c. Be sure to pause during your reading. Think about what you have read and how you can apply it to your life and your journey with Christ.

d. Your reading should be closed with prayer asking God to help you remember the message and hold it in your heart.

5. Or read other Bible verses.

6. Use cardstock.

7. Encourage adults to model regular Bible study as a lifelong habit. The skills learned for this award could be taught every year.