Bowling Pathfinder Honour

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 1. Give an oral or written report on the history of bowling.

2. What is the diameter of the bowling ball and what is its minimum and maximum weight?

3. Demonstrate the correct way to grab the bowling ball.

4. What is the height of the bowling pins and what is the distance between them?

5. Describe the bowling lane including the size, material, and why it should be lubricated daily.

6. Make a diagram of a bowling lane.

7. Explain why bowling shoes are necessary for this sport.

8. Explain how each play works in bowling.

9. Explain the point system. What is the maximum amount of points?

10. Define the following terms: a. Strike b. Spare c. Approach d. Grip e. Score f. Gutters g. Bedpost/Snake eyes/Fence posts/Goal post/Mule ears/1001 h. Big ears/Big four/Double pinochle/Golden gate/2002 i. Hook j. Baby split k. Blind l. Dead ball (when does this happen?) m. Turkey n. Split o. Frame p. Miss q. Five bagger

11. Participate in at least 3 games of bowling, scoring at least 150 points.