Bible Royalty Adventurer Award

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1. Memorize Psalm 100:4.

2. Name 5 Bible kings. Which kings were the best rulers and

3. Tell the stories about 2 of the kings as the children act out
the stories.

4. Name at least 4 queens in the Bible. Why are these
queens important.

5. Write a story about queens and read it to the class.

6. Make two of the following:

a. A throne room using a shoe box
b. Make crowns and explain what decorations mean to the
c. Decorate a chair for a king
d. Make a mural of a throne room
e. Other

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1. Psalm 100:4 NIrV

2. First king – Saul; second king – David; third king –
Solomon. Joash was 7 yrs. old when he started his reign;
Josiah was eight when he became king, King Jesus, these
are just a few examples, list more if possible.
3. Use costumes, crowns, throne chair, etc. if possible.
4. Vashti, Esther, Bathsheba, Queen of Sheba, Jezebel, etc.
5. May work in small groups to write the story. Then share
the story with the class.
6. Use Bible story books for picture ideas. Possibilities
include throne, carpet, pictures, vases, jewels, velvet, etc.