Eager Beaver Induction Patch


Eager Beaver Requirements

  1. What does a beaver use its tail for?
  2. Why do beavers have such big front teeth?
  3. What do beavers eat?
  4. How do beavers cut down trees? Move large logs?
  5. How do beavers build dams? Why do they build them?
  6. How is a beaver’s home made?
  7. Build a beaver dam using small sticks and glue or build a beaver lodge.
  8. Read a story about beavers, their families, and how parent beavers protect their young.
  9. How many babies does a mother beaver have? How soon after birth can baby beavers swim?
  10. Draw or color a picture of what a beaver’s lodge looks like, if you slice off one side of a typical beaver lodge