Basket Maker Adventurer Award

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This item is only available to Club Directors
  1. Explain what a basket is.
  2. Name several baskets found in your home.
  3. Know the tools of a basket maker.
  4. Describe how materials are prepared for basket weaving.
  5. Make a simple basket of natural grasses, reeds, or other local material. 
    Decorate a basket to be used for: sewing, trash, berries or flowers.
  6. Decorate a basket to be given as a gift.
  7. Tell some ways baskets were used in the Bible. Give at least one text.

1.    A basket is a receptacle (container) made from interwoven material.
2.    Baskets: laundry, shopping, fruit, berry, sewing, waste basket, etc.
3.    Sharp pair of scissors, sharp knife, round and flat nose pliers to bend spokes, an awl or knitting needle to make spaces in the weaving, water pail and waterproof cover for area where you are working. You may wish to invite an experienced basket maker to come and demonstrate.
4.    The natural materials are soaked in water, until they are flexible.
5.    Instructor: Please choose a simple design so Adventurers will not become discouraged. Work with each child so that (s)he may complete his/her project. Use local materials such as grape vine, reeds, grasses, etc.
6.    Decorate a basket, e.g., sewing basket, fruit basket, flower basket, or berry basket, to be given as a gift. If you have already decorated a basket under #5, this is to be an additional basket.