Baking Adventurer Award

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What is the definition for baking?
Describe ways to be safe in the kitchen while baking.
Define the following baking terms: batter, beat, coating pan, cream, dough, fold, preheat and stir.
Name at least 8 utensils that are used in many baking projects?
Read four stories in the Bible where baking was mentioned.
Who does Jesus say He is in John 6:35? Discuss how this is important to you.
Bake two items of your choosing.


Baking is preparing an item by heating it in an oven at the proper temperature. (In baking food, there is a change of liquids into solids through a chemical reaction. In order for this chemical reaction to occur the proper combination of ingredients, in the right proportions must be used for the desired outcome.)
Always start by washing your hands with soap and water. Begin with a clean counter and utensils. Have an adult in the kitchen at all times. Demonstrate how to be safe in the kitchen by adding other suggestions.
Search the internet or look in a cookbook for additional terms.
Mixing bowls, measuring spoons, measuring cups, mixing spoons, rubber spatula, whisk, baking pan/sheet, pie pan, cake pan, rolling pin, parchment paper, cooling rack, mixer, sifter, etc.
Genesis 12:20, 18:6, 19:3 NIV; Leviticus 9:31 NIV; 2 Samuel 13:8 NIV; 1Chronicles 9:31 NIV; other stories.