Silver Medallion for Excellence

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AY Silver Award Plan for Physical and Cultural Excellence

The AY Silver Award is a prize worth striving for. It brings together core aspects of physical, mental, and spiritual vitality. It presents a clear plan and encourages young people to be well-rounded, fit individuals, by excelling in all three areas. By encouraging physical fitness, good health practices, life skills, and more, the AY Silver Award is an ideal way to develop strong character qualities, clear thinking, and keen spiritual perception that will prepare youth for life here and for eternity. Now, as never before, we need an army of youth rightly trained, to carry “the message of a crucified, risen, and soon-coming Savior . . . to the whole world!” ( A Call to Stand Apart, p.67

I am pleased to endorse the AY Silver Award plan of the General Conference’s Youth Ministries Department and encourage our youth everywhere to strive for this high achievement.

Ted N.C. Wilson, President