Artist Adventurer Award

1 g
This item is only available to Club Directors
1.      Describe what an artist does.
2.      Name the primary colors.
a.       Mix these colors to make three new colors.
b.      Use these six colors to make a picture.
3.      Demonstrate how to sharpen pencils and clean brushes.
a.       Sharpen two pencils.
b.      Using water, clean your brush.
4.      Make separate designs using at least two of the following:
a.       Finger paints
b.      Colored pencils, crayons, or chalk
c.       Felt markers
d.      Pen, pencil, or charcoal
5.      Learn an art technique and demonstrate two of the following:
a.       Potato prints on batik
b.      Stencil
c.       Paper-Mache
d.      Bread dough art or clay model
e.       Relief map or scale model
6.      Make two of the following:
a.       An invitation
b.      A bookmark
c.       A greeting card
d.      A poster