Animal Homes Eager Beaver


1. What is a home?

2. Tell about your home. Draw a picture of your house and color it.

3. Animals have homes too. Name five different animals and tell where they live.

4. How do animals know what to do to make a home?

5. Choose an animal and do the following:

• Watch the animal (it can be in a zoo or on a video).

• Draw or color a picture of the animal.

• Make a model of its home.

• Show your picture and model at your club’s family night.

• Tell people what you learned about your animal and its home.



1. A home is the place where you live or stay. It should be a place where you feel safe and comfortable.

2. Provide large sheets of paper and crayons. When they are done, ask the children to tell about what they have drawn. Affirm and accept their efforts.

3. A skunk makes its home in a hole in the ground.

The lion’s home is called a lair.

A bear (fox, coyote, otter) lives in a den.

Squirrels live in a hole or nest in a tree.

Beavers build a house called a lodge out of sticks and mud.

A rabbit makes a burrow (hole) in the ground.

The deer’s home is the forest.

People make a home for horses and cows in a barn.

4. God has made the animals so that they know what to do. This is called instinct–it’s something that they don’t have to think about, they just know. Animals also learn about making homes from their parents.

5. Offer the children a selection of plastic or rubber animals. Have them choose one and construct a home out of play dough, wood, cardboard, etc.



• Animal Homes, by Joshua Morris

• Animal Homes felt set from ABC Big Backyard,