Adventist Pioneer Heritage

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This honour reflects the best requirements of two pre-existing honours, one from the North American Division and the other from the South American Division.

Complete a minimum of a 9-week academy or college Adventist History course or complete the following requirements.

  1. Origins:
    1. Read about, watch, or research the origins and development of the Millerite Movement and its role in the beginning of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.
    2. Explain the Great Disappointment based on the prophecy of Daniel 8.
    3. Share your finding with a group.
  2. Pioneers:

    Be able to identify and explain the significance of at least fifteen (15) of the following individuals:
    1. Martha Amadon
    2. W. H. Anderson
    3. J. N. Andrews
    4. Joseph Bates
    5. John Byington
    6. M. B. Czechowski
    7. A.G. Daniels
    8. Hiram Edson
    9. Harry Fenner
    10. Eduardo Francisco Forga
    11. A.T. Jones / E.J. Waggoner
    12. Charles M. Kenney
    13. George King
    14. Anna Knight
    15. Abram LaRue
    16. Kate Lindsay
    17. William Miller
    18. W.W. Prescott
    19. Rachel Oakes Preston
    20. Annie Smith
    21. Uriah Smith
    22. Luther Warren
    23. F. H.Westphal
    24. Frederick Wheeler
    25. James White
    26. Any other pioneers of your preference from your own Union/Division.
  3. Dates:

    Explore and summarize the importance of each of the following event dates to Adventist history:
    1. Great Disappointment -- October 22, 1844
    2. Adventist Church incorporated -- May 21, 1863
    3. Health Reform begins - 1863
    4. J.N. Andrews: First Missionary - 1874
    5. General Conference of 1888 (Righteousness by Faith Conference)
    6. Reorganization of 1901 / Fires in Battle Creek 1902
    7. Gland, Switzerland, 1907
    8. 27 Fundamental Beliefs document adopted 1980
    9. Other significant dates in the history of Adventism in your division, conference, or region
  4. Publications:

    Describe the origins, publication details, and purpose of each of the following Adventist Publications:
    1. Adventist Review and Sabbath Herald
    2. Advent Tidende
    3. Les Signes des Temps / Signs of the Times
    4. Liberty Magazine / Liberty
    5. Medical Evangelist / Medical Evangelism
    6. Present Truth
    7. Youth’s Instructor
    8. Equivalent publications in your division, conference, or region
  5. Church Organization:
    1. Briefly explain the significance of the 1901 General Conference and describe the organizational structure that resulted from it. Indicate how your conference, association, or mission fits into the overall church structure.
    2. Point out on a map where the church offices are located from your conference level to the General Conference.
    3. Illustrate the organizational structure of the Seventh-day Adventist Church and prepare an ecclesiastical organization chart to demonstrate your learning.
  6. Miscellaneous:

    Tell the importance of at least ten (10) of the following locations, organizations, or concepts or their equivalent.
    1. Avondale College
    2. Battle Creek Sanitarium
    3. Dime Tabernacle
    4. Norsk Bokforlag
    5. Pitcairn Missionary Ship
    6. Sabbath Conferences
    7. Sanitarium Health Food Co.
    8. Solusi College
    9. Systematic Benevolence
    10. Tract Society
    11. Universidade de Montemorelos
    12. Voice of Prophecy
    13. Washington hand press
    14. Other significant locations, organizations, or concepts in your division, conference, or region
  7. Read about, watch, or research the story of Ellen G. White. Explain what her role was in the beginnings of the Adventist Church. Include in your research significant factors such as:
    1. First vision (June 6, 1863)
    2. “Elmshaven”
    3. Visions
    4. Gorham, Maine
    5. Lord’s Messenger
    6. “Conflict of the Ages” series
    7. Ellen G. White Estate, Inc.
    8. Lovett’s Grove, Ohio
    9. “Sunnyside”
    10. Testimonies for the Church
  8. Discovery of Heritage Stories:
    1. Discover how the Adventist movement started in your country. Give special attention to the things the pioneers did in the process within your country or region.
    2. Discover some of the stories of how Pathfinders, Adventist Youth Groups, or AY Societies began in your conference or division.
    3. Present your finding to a group or as part of requirement 9 or 10.
  9. Know and tell for school, Sabbath School, or Pathfinder worship, three stories about Adventist history. At least one story must be about an Adventist youth.
  10. As an individual or with a group complete one of the following based on what you have learned in this honour:
    1. Create and present a detailed poster or multimedia display (video/presentation) covering a portion of Adventist Heritage that you have learned.
    2. Write and perform a skit that tells part of the Adventist Heritage story. Present the skit to younger Pathfinders, Adventurers, or other younger group of individuals.
    3. Create a completely playable game about Adventist Pioneers and Heritage. Demonstrate the game-play to your instructor or a group.
    4. Visit an official Adventist Heritage site within your conference, union, or division and go on a tour. Debrief your experience with a group. If feasible create a multimedia report of your experience.