Refugee Assistance Pathfinder Honour

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  1. Describe some general causes of why refugees move to other countries. Also, define the terms refugee, internally displaced person (IDP), and immigrant, and explain how these words are similar or different.
  2. List the immediate needs that a refugee may have when they arrive in their new country. Describe how you would feel if you were suddenly faced with a new language, culture, and environment.
  3. Find out what organizations in your community, country, or the world assist refugees and IDPs.
  4. Describe in a short paragraph how you would help a refugee or IDP in your community.
  5. Ask a person from another country that lives in your community how they adjusted to their new environment. Have that person describe the challenges and contrasts they experienced during the process of settling into their community.
  6. Give a short report at your Pathfinder Club, church, school, or civic group about what you learned about refugees and IDPs and the challenges they face. You can do this through a presentation, skit, short video, or any method that will best convey your findings. Discuss why it is important to be aware of the refugee situation and to try to find solutions to this issue.